Look & Feel Your Best In Your 40s, 50s & Beyond With A Balanced Wellness Method!

You Don't Have To Spend Hours Counting Calories, Cutting Out Foods You Love Or Doing Endless Workouts You Hate...There Is A Better Way!


It's time to stop surrendering to aging and feeling like your best years are gone! In my program, you’ll learn my BALANCE Wellness Method to optimize your Nourishment, Movement, Hormone Health, Stress Management & Mindset and start thriving through midlife & beyond. 

It's time to Revive & Renew your vibrant self!
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I'm Deanna...

Over 11 years ago, I was trying to figure out what was next for me. My second marriage had just ended and I felt ashamed and frustrated with my life. 

My children were becoming more self-sufficient, but my mother, who had always been a big influence in my life, needed more of my help.

I struggled with the physical changes in my body: the mental and emotional fatigue and my relationship with food. Welcome to perimenopause! 

Counting calories no longer worked for me as my body stored fat differently. So I went to my tried and true method of fat-burning...cardio. Except that didn’t work either. I realized that I needed to make a change on a deeper level. I needed to think outside the box and try something new.

It was around this time I opened a Pure Barre studio. I loved the feeling of empowering women to be their best selves. I was giving them the tools to take control of their own lives. It gave my life meaning.

After my mother passed away and I became the caregiver of my step-father who suffered from Lewy Body dementia, I sold my Pure Barre studio and created the Well and Worthy Life blog to share my experience and help others.

I became an IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) certified Health Coach and have worked with hundreds of clients over the last 3 years. From that experience, I have found that the number one thing we all desire in life is Balance.

But what does balance mean?

It means spending less time in the gym and more time with family, spending less time making meals and more time enjoying them and spending less time worrying about our bodies and more time celebrating them.  

I have learned it is the small habits that lead to big change. Consistency is the most difficult, yet most rewarding attribute.  

In my mid 50’s I am thriving and feeling better than ever and I want to share my Balanced Wellness Method with YOU!  I’ll teach you what took me years to learn so you can get on your way to living YOUR balanced life.